WPC flower boxes

WPC flower box is a kind of high-tech and green material heated and extruded from the mixture of wood material(wood fiber, plant fiber), thermoplastic polymer materials(plastic) and processing aids, (of which the wood material is the base), owing the features and performance of both wood and plastics.

  • ST-100H25

  • ST-140H23-A

  • ST-140H23-B

  • ST-140H25-A

  • ST-140H25-B

  • ST-140S23-C

  • ST-140S25

  • ST-145H25

  • ST-146H21-A

  • ST-146H30

  • ST-146S19

  • ST-150H25-A

  • ST-150H25-C

  • ST-150H25-D

  • ST-150M22

  • ST-150S25-B

  • ST-200H25

  • ST-200S20

  • ST-200S20-B

WPC flower box and other composite wood products have the same processing performance and logs, nailing, drilling, cutting, bonding and connection fixed with nails or bolts, smooth and delicate surface without sanding and painting, the paint adhesion can also be based on individual preferences painting.

SSTIC wood plastic composite flower boxes is quick and easy-to-install with no visible fasteners that can pop-up causing safety hazards. Composite flower boxes is covered by a limited lifetime warranty for your comfort and peace of mind. Made from 100% WPC, a proven component in the building material trade, Composite groove decking is resistant to most scratches, impermeable to most weathers and best of all, will keep its natural wood grain and characteristics forever, guaranteed.

Certificate CE,SGS,ISO9001,ISO14001,Intertek
Feature Film coated & with the texture of solid wood & 100% recyclable
Size Customers can customize any size
Process of production Raw material mix - Granules of raw material - Synthetic of ingredients - Drying - Extrusion - Vacuum cooling stereotype - Cutting - Checking - Packing
Function Fireproof, waterproof, mildewproof and worm proof, etc.

Can be nailed, drilled, sawed, grinded, and painted

1.The surface is smooth and delicate, beautifully shaped.

2. Abandoned the defects of natural wood, durable, has longer life time, anti-UV, anti-erosion, no deformation, non-absorbent, moisture-resistant, adaptable to temperature difference.

3. Can be used in the city streets, squares, parks, etc., placed in different shapes.

4. Easy to install, easy to maintenance, time-saving, effective and efficien.

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